AI Revolution 101

AI Revolution 101 aims to condense knowledge on Artificial Intelligence topic. This project is an adaptation and major shortening of the two–part essay AI Revolution by Tim Urban & Wait But Why. I worked on creating a version that holds all the most important ideas, while radically cutting the length. I reconsidered every sentence to distill the essay to the form that is maximally compact, impactful and easy to understand.  I created all the images, shortened it x3 and added a couple of new perspectives. Find the essay here or read more on why/how I wrote it here.


How Art Works

'HOW ART WORKS? - a serious movie about problems and solutions' is a self explanatory video about culture, art world and metaphysics that become viral on the art corner of the Internet.  Co-created with Tymek Borowski.


Internet and Fine Arts

Billy Gallery is an Internet art project that I ran. Billy Gallery have created numerous of Internet projects, exhibitions and events.  


I displayed installation and conceptual art in a numerous international exhibitions:

Fitting in Space, 98 Weeks Project, Beirut, Lebanon; Ain't No Sorry, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, Poland; No, No, I Hardly Ever Miss a Show, Zachęta National Art Gallery, Warsaw, Poland; Eternal September, Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia; Hunky Dory, Karlin Studios, Prague, Czech Republic; Animal Manifest, Raster Galllery, Warsaw.