Hello, Ola, Ni Hao, Cześć!



My name is Paweł Sysiak. My name is Paweł Sysiak. I design digital products and work on projects combining technology and culture. I grew up in Warsaw, Poland. Currently living in Seattle, USA.


I am a  product designer (UI/UX) with expertise in visual design. I have experience working with startups, small to mid-size businesses, and organizations based in both the USA and Poland.

My designs are most effective when I am allowed to contribute beyond the visual layer. I love to brainstorm and tackle complex problems with simple and delightful solutions. I believe the best design is about collaboration and the right balance between business, visual, and psychological perspectives. I always find it valuable to validate design decisions with user/customer research (even a simple one).

Personally, I am passionate about art, internet culture and digging into understanding how visual systems work.


Get to know me! Did you know that...

...my first exercises in visual system were meticulous compositions of posters and soccer jerseys on the walls of my room.  This is my favorite goal of all time.


...I didn’t miss a post for ~3.5 years now from Know Your Meme  – the encyclopedia of internet creativity. I love the intersection of art and Internet. I love crowdsource culture – the culture that is fueled by the internet's "long tail".

...I definitely earned an art geek badge. I studied painting at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, worked on various art projects and exhibitions i.e.: 

"No, No, I Hardly Ever Miss a Show", Zachęta National Art Gallery, Warsaw, Poland; "Ain't No Sorry", Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, Poland; "Animal Manifest", Raster Gallery,  Warsaw, Poland; "Fitting in Space", 98 Weeks Project, Beirut, Lebanon;  "Hunky Dory", Karlin Studios, Prague, Czech Republic.

...I have explored 73% of Le Corbusier's and 64% of Herzog de Meuron' buildings. Photo on the left was taken during the amazing tour of Le Corbusier's "Convent La Tourette" in France (probably it's my top architectural site worth visiting). I love architecture. Just drop my anywhere in the world. Come back after a week and I will come up with a list of most interesting buildings in the area we should visit together.

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