Hello, Hola,
Nǐ hǎo, Cześć!

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My name is Pawel Sysiak. I am a UI / UX designer and design consultant. I have experience working with startups, small to mid-size businesses, and organizations based in both the USA and Europe. I am currently living in Seattle, WA, USA.

My main focus is in user interface design. However, I have a broad design skillset. I have experience working with: illustrations, logos, icons, marketing materials, landing pages and prints. I have a decent knowledge of HTML/CSS. I have developed a couple of simple websites. I work primarily with the web (desktop/mobile) and iOS.

My designs are most effective when I am allowed to contribute beyond the visual layer. I believe the best design is about collaboration and the right balance between business, visual, and psychological perspectives. I am a strong proponent of User Research. I enjoy working with Google Design Sprint methodology. I always find it valuable to validate design decisions with user/customer research.

Personally, I am passionate about art, internet culture and digging into understanding how visual systems work.

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