Retirement Interactive Graph

I created this Retirement Graph for the FutureAdvisor homepage. I developed the graph comprehensively, from idea phase to execution. The graph introduces the value of joining FutureAdvisor to prospective customers. After inputing initial investment value, current age, retirement age and risk tolerance, the graph predicts potential retirement outcome. Additionally it juxtaposes the results of FutureAdvisor with mutual fund and traditional financial advisors. 

Users can also toggle to a historical performance graph. FutureAdvisor was founded five years ago, though we were able to backtest its algorithm. Users are able to see their potential growth if they’d joined FutureAdvisor ten years ago. The historical graph also compares its results to mutual funds returns and traditional advisors returns.


↓ Retirement Projections Default View

↓ Filled In State

↓ Hover State

↓ Hover State 2