Grandma Zophia Meals

Grandma Zophia Meals are all-natural, dried ingredients for traditional Polish soups. I comprehensively designed in total five additions to the series. My work included: creating illustrations, developing color schemes and preparing and proofing files for print.


Product Photography

I art-directed photography of Grandma Zosia Meals. The photos intend to juxtapose a cooked meal with the packaging. I was responsible for all the project development and art direction, including searching for photographer and food stylist and developing aesthetic guidelines. I worked on this project with food stylist Maria Szkop and photographer Łukasz Zandecki.


Social Media

In addition to my role as designer and creative director, I also created, designed and maintained the company's Facebook page. I achieved high user engagement scores; developed and designed numerous interactive posts, contests and announcements.

↑ Translation: Breaking news. NASA cancels program trying to grow plants in zero gravity (Space Farming: The Final Frontier). During the search for another possibility for natural meals in space, NASA decides use Grandma Zosia Meals. We are shocked!! 

↑ Translation: To all little Zosias, Grown-up Zosias and Grandma Zosias, we are sending best Name Day wishes. [we celebrate name day in Poland]

↑ Translation: Happy Easter!

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 11.44.16.jpg

↑ Translation: We are in Biedronka! [popular Polish grocery store]