Grandma Zophia Meals


Grandma Zophia Meals are all-natural, dried ingredients for traditional Polish soups. I comprehensively designed  five additions to the series. My work included: coming up with the strategy, conducting user research, creating three design itteriations, designing final packaging, color scheme, illustration and preparing and proofing files for print.


  Previous Design



We used the Google Design Sprint framework to gather the disparate perspectives of the stakeholders, come up with a strategy, generate new communication ideas and conduct customer research.

Our goals for the project were: 

  1. Communicate the core product features more efficiently 
  2. Highlight the fact that the product uses all-natural ingredients
  3. Simplify product branding
  4. Resolve customer uncertainty about the preparation method 
  5. Create a design that intuitively resembles the previous one

The work has gone through three iterations cycles (five days each). After having interviewed the company's stakeholders we collaboratively generated design ideas. I came up with the final design draft. We mocked up the store environment and conducted five interviews with potential clients. We gathered research conclusions and iterated on this process two more times (three weeks in total).  The product is in major Polish stores and the redesign contributed to the significant increase in sales.

 left, front, right, back of the package

left, front, right, back of the package

 Tomato Soup, Barley Soup, Ukrainian Borsch

Tomato Soup, Barley Soup, Ukrainian Borsch






Other Work

Prior to this project I worked with the company for many years as a lead designer and creative director. I influenced the company visual communication on many level: desiging packaging, brochures , ads, websites and social media. I created their Facebook and Instagram accounts and maintained  them. 

↑ Translation: Breaking news. NASA cancels program trying to grow plants in zero gravity (Space Farming: The Final Frontier). During the search for another possibility for natural meals in space, NASA decides use Grandma Zosia Meals. We are shocked!! 

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 12.25.53.png

↑ Translation: Mom, I love you for ________  (Mothers Day)

↑ Translation: Happy Easter!

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 11.44.16.jpg

↑ Translation: We are in Biedronka! [popular Polish grocery store]