Guide-map for Heineken Open'er Festival


Guide-map and signage developed for Heineken Open’er Festival one of the biggest music festival in Poland. Museum of Modern Art Warsaw commissioned me  to create a guide-map of Modernist Architecture of the hosting city Gdynia for festival-goers. Work in co-operation with Czosnek Studio.


The photos and map that I received from the city hall officials were extremely poor quality. The buildings in the photos were covered with advertisements or obstructed, and the map aesthetic was outdated. 


I decided to use high contrast colors: yellow and orange. These two colors appear on Gdynia's emblem and are the official colors of the city. In Poland, modernist architecture is under appreciated — people connote modern buildings with "gray" Communism, thus demolishing important modernist buildings on a daily basis. I wanted to bring a sense of energy and belonging, through the city colors, to the depiction of the architecture on the map-guide. I recreated the original map using flat patterns and recolored the photographs.